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Visa Application Center has been appointed as an outsourced partner by the Danish Representative Office in Ramallah, to facilitate short stay visa applications to Denmark.

Visa applications will be accepted at the Visa Application Center in Gaza, in accordance with the respective place of residence of the applicant.

Visa application for Denmark, the Faroe Islands or Greenland

To determine if you need a Schengen visa to enter Denmark, the Faroe Islands or Greenland press this link.

A regular Schengen Visa is not valid for the Faroe Islands or Greenland. If you wish to travel to these destinations, you need a Schengen Visa issued by the Danish Representative Office specifying in the comments section of the visa that it is valid for the Faroe Islands or valid for Greenland.

Visa application for Iceland

Please note that on visa matters, Denmark represents Iceland in Palestine. The application process is the same as for a visa application to Denmark but please make sure to specify that the application’s “Member State of destination” is Iceland.

To determine if you need a Schengen visa to enter Iceland press this link.

In this section, you can find information about the various visas. Please select the type of visa that suits the purpose of your travel:

If you would like to apply for a visa under EU-regulations, because you are a family member of a person who is covered by EU rules on free movement, please read this page for more information.

Possession of a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry and that the holders of visa are requested to present proof that they fulfil the entry conditions at the external border, as provided for in Article 5 of the Visa Code.

Collection of the processed passports from the VFS Denmark Visa Application Centre can be done between 09:00 – 16:00, Sunday-Thursday. Applicants can instantly track the status of their application online by clicking on Track your Application. There will be no need to follow up with the Consulate General of Denmark in Jerusalem or the helpline to ascertain when the passport will be returned.


Your application will not be admissible and will thus not be examined if you do not lodge a completed, signed application form, a valid travel document and a photograph, if you do not pay the visa fees and, if you do not agree to give your biometric data.